Unique Collection


UniqueCollection América Latina is a Collection Management System built for museums in Latin America by ILAM and the Cultural Heritage Foundation of Netherlands. Since 2014 this service has been offered to private museums, public museums, collectionists and art restoration experts. This program aims to create a tool that aids in the struggle against illicit traffic of heritage.


UniqueCollection.org is developed by the CulturalHeritage.cc Foundation for the Latin-American region.
UniqueCollection (UC) is a comprehensive system that has three complementary products, with varying degrees of complexity that can be used according to ones needs. The UniqueCollection product family is the best solution to protect, manage and visualize collections.

Housed by Instituto Latinoamericano de Museos
ILAM Foundation is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the Latin America and Caribbean heritage. Since its inception in 1997, ILAM has been providing in the region, a number of free services, or at a very low cost, in order to solve the growing need for information, communication and training in the environment.

UniqueCollection is a CulturalHeritage.cc Foundation product executed in concert with ILAM.org

Unique Collection